Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT)

So you’ve been invited to witness a piece of equipment being tested prior to being shipped to site? Now while I can’t cover every eventuality, here is some guidance on what you should be asking for:

  • Copy of the latest shop drawings, schematics, layouts etc
  • Any deviations from drawings in the installation – site sketches acceptable.
  • Test results, certificates and internal QA docs – draft will be acceptable.
  • A schedule of the tests to be performed on the day with pass / fail criteria for each of the tests.
  • Guidance on what PPE is required on the day.
  • Sign-off sheet for witnessing which details a lot of the above information, calibration numbers for test equipment etc.

The important bit here is making sure your visit is worthwhile. How many times have you shown up and then been asked by a world weary technician who just got pulled off the assembly line “so what do you want to see?”.

Make sure all these items are in place before you go.