Craig’s MEP Toolkit

This has been a work in progress for quite a long time now. Back in 2015 I had a project which meant I had to travel to Glasgow on a slow train about once a week. To make the use of that time is when I started to learn Python programming. My first (real) programme was a simple script which allowed you to rename files – e.g. adding text to a filename or doing simple substitutions.

This script however, ran from the command line, required installation of several Python packages, and generally required a familiarity with the software which most people didn’t have. So for quite a long time I’ve been trying to learn how to let other people use these scripts with no knowledge. For that I needed to learn to make a full GUI which requires no specialist knowledge to use.

Finally, after months of learning, watching endless YouTube tutorials, playing with layouts etc, I finally had a breakthrough where things just started to make sense.

So with that, I’m very excited to share my first release of these tools. I really hope they prove useful to everyone.

I won’t go into all the bits in this post, just the ones I’m most proud of:

The first package is the Drawing Renamer. A full update to my original script to update drawing numbers. With this package you can do simple modifications from the programme itself. One of the more powerful features is to search within all the drawings themselves (based on a sample number) and suggest what the drawing numbers should be!

The standards search is a useful programme. I covered it last week on my post, however this makes it useful for everyone with no specific knowledge. It works on any PDF not just specifications – so you can also use it on drawings.

Lastly, these tools were a last minute addition – just a couple of tools to batch compress pictures for e-mailing or archiving, or adding a watermark / company logo to large batches of images.

As usual the source code is all here. Feel free to download and pull apart as you see fit:

And, if you would like to use it, here is a link to the latest .exe file:

Hopefully more updates to come soon…